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Law School Admissions / 3.34 GPA/150 LSAT Chances?
« on: May 28, 2012, 11:47:59 PM »
Hello all! First post, but i've been a reading a lot of the posts similar to this.  However, I would like to get the input of everyone to see if I stand a chance during admissions...

First, I have a undergrad in criminal justice with a 3.34 cum, and am predicting that I will get 150 on my LSAT (I take it in a couple weeks and am pretty confident it will be around 150).  What are my chances?  I don't mind going to a tier 2, 3, or 4 but I don't want to go to a bottom 50 law school if I can help it.  I've been studying off and on for the LSAT for about a year and a half, and I figure 150 is going to be as good as the score gets (maybe a little higher). 

I don't have any experience except 1 internship during my senior year, and I haven't been doing much in an academic sense since graduation.  I know I will be most likely going to a regional school, and I'm fine with that.  Is the 150 LSAT score just too low?  I've looked at my chances on the LSAC gpa/LSAT calc, and it seems I should be able to get into some, but is that really worth it?  Should I retake the LSAT in October if I score a 150?  I'll be applying to quite a few law schools to improve my chances, but want to avoid applying to schools that are in the middle of nowhere (as I would probably working in the state I go to law school).  Other than that, my expectations aren't very high, but plan to go 100% when I do show up at law school.  (I feel that LSAT isn't a fair judgment of what I will bring to law school). 

So, I have a 3.34 GPA, 150 LSAT, minimal experience and am Asian-American.  I will have taken about a 2 year break after graduation (I'm 24 years old), and plan to take the LSAT in June and potentially October if I bomb it in June.  What are my law school chances?  What schools should I apply?  Thanks for anyone's input, and sorry if this sounds like panicked ranting right before the LSAT (because it kinda is  :o)

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