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Choosing the Right Law School / Vermont Law?
« on: May 20, 2012, 10:22:48 PM »
Hey ya'll. What's the consensus on Vermont Law?

I applied and was accepted five years ago when I was finishing up my BA. I declined to attend and went and started a career in politics, and now I'm ready to go back. I've got a little more perspective on things now, and I feel like law school would be a good investment now that I'm going for reasons beyond "well I just graduated and it seemed like the natural next step".

The thing about VLS is that it seems insanely expensive for such a low-ranking school, and I'm not sure what people's career prospects look like when they graduate. I'm from Vermont originally, the remoteness of the school and the smallness of the legal market in VT don't bother me. I plan on moving back to Vermont in due course, so the prospect of going to a regional school doesn't bother me either. The cost does, though.

Any perspective on the VLS experience from anyone? Is it worth it? Do they tend to offer enough financial aid to offset the cost? Is the curriculum worth a damn? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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