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Studying for the LSAT / horror story
« on: May 29, 2006, 11:08:30 PM »
I wrote the February LSAT and during the first section one of the proctors had a seizure, lasted about a minute but he was disoriented and convulsing for approx. 10 minutes. The other proctors didn't say anything but the test continued as normal. Second section it happened again. The proctor was removed right before the third section started. We found out later, he was taken to the hospital but was fine. I had to of course cancel my score and will be doing my re-write.

Incoming 1Ls / Scholarship Questions
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:34:48 AM »
I put a seat deposit down at one of my schools while waiting to hear from some others. My accepted school offered me a scholarship and needs to know if I will accept it. My question is: If I take the scholarship am I bound to go to this school in the fall?

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