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Dear LSD folks,

PSA:  The tenure of Jeffort on LSD and other LSAT related boards has come to an end.  

My discussion site and my LR Question Type finder tool that was on that site have been deactivated.  

The times I have had here dispensing LSAT advice and explanations while also having lots of fun have meant a lot and I hope they have been as fun for you as they have been for me.

As is well known, I previously taught classes for TM for many years. I have now rejoined the company and will be working full-time in the research and development department as well as teaching classes.

I wish everyone taking the June LSAT or later test administrations good luck.

I will miss working with all of you in this venue. This is my last post.

Post Edited 01/08/2010

The above is redacted.  I'm back alive and well and is back online and like before I'll be floating around to give LSAT prep advice and answer questions.  

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