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Forget everything you have read or heard about going to a ranked school.  Just because you go to a less than "stellar" school according to a flawed ranking system does not mean that you will be less than when viewed by firms or that you will not have a job opportunity, for that matter.  You have heard that outside of top 15 you are just wasting money.  You have believed that no one will hire you because of your choice of school.  You have been subjected to slights and ridicule (from this discussion board no doubt) as to the fact that you are attending a t3 or t4.  What matters most is understanding what region your school is in.  What is important in this is that you will understand what type of law and practice is relevant there.  While most of the students want to practice generic corporate law, criminal law, etc. consider what is going on in the area.  For instance, in the southwest (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado) the main industry that pays is oil and gas.  Each region may have their own unique niche.  My law school has oil and gas companies that recruit regularly from our graduates.  For the most part, these corporations mostly are alumni.  And by the way, these jobs pay six figures.  I am a 3L that is literally in the bottom half of my class at a t4 school and have a job lined up making 96k starting out.  I have nothing to gain by getting on this computer and making things up.  I just know how it was when I started law school.. People on this board told me that I was a fool for going to law school at a t4.  I have this to say to does not MATTER!!!  When you get to your t3 or t4 school start networking.  Networking starts in the classroom.  There are people in your class room that are from that area that either know people or they are the person (you need to know!).  Find out what is unique in that area besides the run-of-the-mill estate planning, civil litigation, etc.  I think you get the point.  Just do not get discouraged and do not listen to 0L's who know not what they speak about.  I am open to questions if you have any.

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