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It rocked.  Except for those pesky clerkships gunners.  Share your thoughts on the Michigan ASW(s) here.

(I'll try to copy over stuff from the ASW thread in a bit.)

General Off-Topic Board / Gengis and tj.'s Mixtape Emporium and Swap Meet
« on: February 28, 2007, 11:20:49 PM »
Gengis' Mixtape Emporium

The Background:

Ok so, Strad was asking for some musical recommendations, and, since both J and Lily have threads that have done that and done it well in recent memory, I thought I'd change it up a bit.

The Breakdown:

To my mind, the easiest way to become exposed to a number of new bands or varieties of music is via the mighty mixtape (mix cd, etc.), which varies from a playlist in a myriad of ways. 

1) Mixtapes are specific.  The songs were selected particularly, edited, ordered and reordered until they create a cohesive whole. 

2) Mixtapes are short.  One blank CD, or roughly 80 minutes of music.  Max.  Two companion CDs could work, but they need to be billed and crafted as such.

3) Mixtapes are themed, generally beyond a generic mood.  This may be a bit anal, but I feel that, for example, a "happy music" cd lacks enough specificity of purpose or ideas to constitute a mixtape.  It's the tangible difference between "sex music" and "Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By".  Which brings us to . . .

4) Mixtapes are titled (at least in this Emporium).  This really could just be me, but I love interesting, evocative titles for mixes.

The Obvious Rules:

Don't plagiarize people's mixtapes  - that's just uncool.  Assemble and burn at your will, but acknowledge other people's work.  It's not like anyone here would ever know if you did, but I know it generally takes me 84765384653865 days to really hammer out a mix I'm happy with, and I dang well like to have credit where credit is due. 

Do give at least the title of the song and the artist - other people should, I think, be able to recreate the mix from the info provided.

Don't just lurk and never submit a mix. 

tj.'s Swap Meet

The Concept:

This can sorta go a couple of ways . . .

1) See a mix you like?  Know there's no way in hell you're gonna find that obscure track?  Mostly 'cause you're lazy? Swap!  CD exchange is good for the soul.

2) Want a mix?  Lack the wherewithal, time, or appropriate library to put it together?  Or just want a taste of what someone else will come up with for the same theme?  Swap!  You give them a style request, and they give you one.  You both make CDs for the other (not forgetting of course, to stop by the Emporium and inscribe the tracklist for posterity and us . . . mostly us) and them slap those puppies in the mail.

And feel free to talk music in here y'all - that's how mixtapes are born!  Happy Mixing!!

General Off-Topic Board / ITT we wish Miss P a Happy Birthday!
« on: February 23, 2007, 12:24:38 AM »
We don't know how old (and we're sure she's not telling) but a big Happy Happy! to LSD's most beloved grammarian, without whom many a personal statement might've suffered the indignity of a misplaced modifier.

Happy Birthday Miss P!

Now folks, let's try to keep the thread comma splice free (if only for a day).

Mid-West Meet-Ups:

Oct. 10th, 2009 - Party @ Huey's for the Michigan/Iowa game.  Yes, we plan to hold her to this.

We were ruthlessly off topic anyway, so at Duck's suggestion I took a page out of Mu's book and decided to change this to a general sort of Mid-West LSD thread, for meet-ups and randomness and whatever. 

Name 'pository.

MWLSD: The Middle of Nowhere Never Had It So Good.
MWLSD: Natural Disasters are for Coast-Dwellers.
MWLSD: Believe the Hype.

Ok, this is the closest I can get to a Thread Recap thread recap without my head exploding from the sheer meta-ness of it all.

Below you'll find a continually updated list of the threads that have been recapped, the page they're on, and the name of the recapper ('cause that's credit where credit is seriously due).

Beneath that you'll find an ever expanding list of threads that have been nominated for recapping, in the order of (if I can keep track) the number of people who've nominated it, and within ties, when it was nominated.  (I wouldn't necessarily advise asking for a recap in the thread you want recapped, 'cause I've been known to miss things, but I'll do my best.)  Clearly, if you want something recapped sooner, you should get people to clamor for it, as I am a complete sucker for harmless peer pressure.

Now quit yer b!tchin'.

Recapped threads:

Yale 250 (Gengis - Pg. 1)
Zamora's . . . LSAT Calculator (Gengis - Pg. 1)
Random Thread (Gengis - Pg. 2)
What to eat the 2nd and last night before the LSAT (Cal - Pg. 2)
Never Have I Ever (Gengis - Pg. 3)
Why is the female gender so unbelievably unpredictable? (Gengis - moved to Pg. 7)
US NEWS (Gengis - Pg. 7)
Ask a White Dude (Goaliechica - Pg. 9)
Need some advice/honest criticism, etc..... (Gengis - Pg. 13)
Need Law School Advice?!?!?! (Gengis - Pg. 17)

Upcoming Recaps:

 ??? ??? ???:
They Don't Like LSD.
xoxo thread

 ??? ???:
amyt123 confessions of a happy t3 student

Ask a Homosexual
Home Ownership (I probably need to read that one even with recapping it)
Things That Offend Me

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