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I am currently a 3L about to graduate in a month or so. I will be taking the dual-state NJ/PA bar exams, and I am scared out of my wits about finding a job. I do not attend a first or second tier law school. I am also not on law review. I have clerked for an Appellate Judge (state) and I have clerked in a small domestic relations firm.  Currently, I am working in the Law Clinic as a defender for juveniles.

Quite honestly, my loan amount is above $150K. I am extremely worried about finding a job, and I have been seriously considering all avenues, including the military. I have attended meetings with the Air Force and Marine JAG representatives, so I know a little bit about the programs. However, I wanted to see what other people thought. Joining the service pretty much guarantees a job in today's economy. It also guarantees a pay grade. Am I considering this option way too soon? Should this be an "end of my ropes" option or a serious option to consider while applying to the 9000+ firms?

I apologize if this is somewhat of a repeat post, but I am new to this website and it seems as though it sort of died out. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated  8)

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