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Law School Admissions / Most Prestigious Internships/Summer Programs
« on: August 08, 2006, 09:30:05 AM »
In your opinion, what is th most prestigious internship or summer program that a college student can do? I know that people talk all the time abot regular law firm internships; however, what about others? Internships with...a senator? a congressmen? Clerkship with a judge?

What are the others?

History? Poli-Sci? Philosophy?

Often times, people suggest going with the easiest major; however, that can be quite difficult if you are unaware of the degree of difficulty of each major. Many people say History since it is common and quite easy.

I thought about this the other day. I think that black men and women would possibly run for president if it were not for certain fears like assisination if he or she was even elected.  ???

 ??? I am sorry for making another thread today; I feel like a spammer; however, I am a novice to all of this...I'll be a freshman in the fall and I am having trouble on deciding a major. I know I have a ton of time, but I would rather not take a class in.... "subject x" and do bad in it or not well when I could have been taking the better, and easier classes all along. Thanks for your help!  :)

If you could travel back in time and reverse the clocks of aging back to your first undergraduate college experience, what would you do differently? Would you have changed your major into something more easier? What exactly would you do? ;D

I am not sure if I just want to get a regular job or if there are other options that would be helpful on my resume? Thanks everyone.

*NOTE* - Rising college freshman = I will be a college freshman this fall.

Black Law Students / Curious and Uninformed: Novice to the game!
« on: May 22, 2006, 03:25:55 PM »
What's up everybody? I'm an African-American male, 17, and I'm in band too. I'm about to be a college freshman(graduated high school just now) and I realized that I wanted to be an attorney and practice law a while ago; anyhow, I am new to this board and I am sure that I will gain experience and knowledge through these forums. I plan to start studying for the LSAT this summer because I really have nothing else better to do and I think that it's never too early to study. I plan on going to a top law school(HYS) when that time comes, but for now, I plan to focus on my grades and stuff. For ECs, I figured I'd join our government association, mock trial team, and maybe something else that intrests me besides band. Does anyone have any advice to hand me that they wish they'd know in undergrad?

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