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I have started and wrote down sentences to include in my essay. I need someone to mentor me so I can tone my essay and make it a winner. I'm not asking you to write this essay for me, I have done most of the writing already. Simply give me ideas/advice and help me format it.

It would be awesome if you had aim or msn... So drop it if you do

I am offering cash compensation for this - $15 and $35 extra if I get in this school =)

Note: this needs to be done tonight so my application can be on its way.
Thanks in advance

I want to read some. I am applying to an aviation high school (im 16) and I want to read some to get ideas and inspiration.


Law School Admissions / aviation work?
« on: May 03, 2006, 04:04:41 PM »
If I take Aviation for 4 years would that be a good major to apply to law school for?


I'm 16 and trying to get into an Aviation High School. Requires an essay (minimum of three paragraphs) approx 500 words and another 300 word essay. I want to get these done tonight and have started. Law/College students are always smart and I always read these forums. I didn't really post because I'm a lot younger. Law is next, but right now I am doing aviation. Please help me out by giving me advice on how to persuade someone to accept me/describe myself.

I have aim and msn, so it would be great if we could talk live.

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