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  I'm a soon to be 1L, but I'm finishing up my last month of undergrad right now.  I have the roommate from hell.  We split the rent in half and each give our own checks to the rental office every month.  However, last month we received an eviction notice because my roommate hadnt paid her half, and the month before we got a notice saying her check bounced.  She told me that this month she wouldnt be able to pay her rent til a week after it was due.  This weekend I have a huge exam to study for and a project to work on.  I need to stay in my apt to study because I need my computer (desktop) and also I dont think that I should have to leave a place which i pay for on time every month.  She informed me that she is having her obnoxious boyfriend up for the weekend and that "shes not kicking me out or anything" but she was wondering if i was going home for the weekend.  Let me just state that this girl is the biggest moron I have ever met, not to mentions shes a rude, dirty, slob.  If she hasnt yet paid her rent, can I legally tell her she cant have guests, or even that she cant stay her until she pays?  I know this seems petty, but honestly, it has been absolute hell to live with this girl, and im gonna go off on her if she interupts my studying one more time (on a week night this week she had her sister over and they were both singing at the top of their lungs and blasting the tv while i was trying to do work.)  Any advice would be great, thanks.

Incoming 1Ls / Official Franklin Pierce Law Class of 2009 Thread
« on: April 21, 2006, 02:41:01 PM »
Ok, I know there must be somebody out there planning to attend Pierce.  Post your ideas/thoughts/comments on where we will spend the next three years working our asses off.

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