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So, I took the February 2005 LSAT and scored a 168. At the time, and up until 5 minutes ago, that score equated to the 97th percentile. I just logged onto my LSAC account to check something else, and for old times' sake I looked at my LSAT score section.

The percentile for my 168 score is now 96.  :'(

That's the bad news for me. (Actually, not so bad, my cycle is over and I'm in at an excellent school.)

The good/bad news for you:

1) good: that re-calculation of percentiles for scaled scores most likely means the scores for June 06 have been factored into the historical curve and are ready to go. You'll probably get them tomorrow or Friday at the latest;

2)bad: the fact that a 168 dropped into the 96th percentile (it edged in that direction following the subsequent tests) probably means yet another brutal scale to go with the June 05 and December 05 ones. (October 05 was far from an easy scale, historically-speaking, but it looks easy compared to June and December.)

Best of luck!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / DePaul waitlist? Any news?
« on: June 09, 2006, 04:43:59 PM »
Still on the waitlist at Loyola-Chi and DePaul.

Loyola's a lost cause for June, if I was going to hear anything it would have happened by now.

What about DePaul? Did anybody get in or get kicked off? Any inside info on when it might start moving?

Incoming 1Ls / Notices of withdrawal how-to?
« on: June 07, 2006, 11:19:41 AM »
Anybody care to offer guidance? I have a few questions:

1. Is e-mail okay? Or should it be delivered by regular mail?

2. How much information should be included? (do you need to mention what school you chose over them, what the reasons for your decision were, etc)

3. Is there a template for these types of letters anywhere?

4. Is it okay to ask them not to cash a seat deposit check that's in transit?


Tomorrow (6/07/06) will be decision day.

Initially I received a $1,200 book scholarship from Alabama. Today I was notified that I am receiving a half-tuition scholarship AND the book scholarship. The half-tuition, worth almost $10,000 for the first year, is dependent on my placing in the top 25% of the class. Also, if I attend Alabama I will obtain residency there, and then will still get the half-tuition scholarship applied to in-state tuition (meaning, my tuition would be less than $5k for my  last two years, if I stay in the top 25%).

That's a VERY attractive offer. Plus, my heart is set on public-interest-related work, and if I caught all the breaks at Alabama, my debt load would be miniscule compared to Tulane.

Tulane offered a $20,000 a year scholarship (based on 3.0 GPA), but the balance-of-tuition + living expenses brings the yearly cost up to $52k. That would put me $100k in debt upon graduation. That means I would pretty much have to look for (and accept if offered) a corporate law job to pay down debt. There's almost nothing I would LESS rather do. But Tulane appears to have more of a national reach than Alabama, even counting the self-selecting factor of graduate placement. And the Law School has made a remarkable recovery from Katrina. AND the opportunities to gain public-interest experience in post-Katrina NOLA would be tremendous.

A friend of mine, who works in legal publishing and who himself is planning to attend law school says I'd be crazy not to choose Tulane.

Anybody agree? Disagree? Some level-headed, informed, dispassionate opinions are of use to me right now.

I'm thinking Alabama 60%, Tulane 40%

I am Not!  :'(

Background: I'm a 39-year-old applicant, who never finished undergrad for what are fairly compelling reasons (to some).

I included an addendum in all my applications, entitled "Education Requirement".  In it I pointed out that I do not have an undergraduate degree and will not have one when classes commence in August 2006. Further, I asked for consideration of my application under the 502(b) rule, which allows for the consideration and admission of applicants who do not possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution.

This was front and center in all my applications.

So, this morning I received an e-mail from Washington and Lee, congratulating me on getting in off the waitlist. Floored! So excited I couldn't speak. I let some friends and family know.

In my reply, as I have done whenever accepted, I asked to confirm they understood the status of my UG education.

About a half-hour later I received a phone call from W&L. The person I spoke with (couldn't have been more polite) apologized, saying that the "Education Requirement" addendum had been overlooked when my application had been reviewed. It was a mistake on their part, but after talking with faculty, she was sorry but had to withdraw the offer.

It's not even noon in the Bay Area, but is it too early to start drinking? I am depressed. What a disappointment. Now I have to call back friends and family who were so excited at the news and tell them it was a mistake.

By far my worst experience of the cycle. Even the crappy attitudes and scornful rejection letter I got from Brooklyn were better than this. At least they read my application materials.

EDIT: glad I asked! I might have withdrawn from other schools and then been out in the cold this August.

Choosing the Right Law School / Tulane v. Alabama
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:18:29 AM »
Just got accepted to Alabama.

Now it's Tulane v. Alabama for me. (still waitlisted at Loyola-Chi, DePaul and W&L. Will withdraw from the first two, stay on at W&L to the bitter end.)

Tulane: under-rated at 43, national rep and reach, 20K/yr. scholarship, etc. But, also located in post-Katrina NOLA, which is still wobbly from that hurricane. Another direct hit and it may be down for the count. So there's a gamble involved.

Alabama: also ranked 43, not national in scope but still a first-tier law school. Tuscaloosa is not New Orleans, but that's a good thing in several respects. Less temptation to distraction, not rebuilding from a major cataclysm.

Have to decide soon. Opinions welcome. Current state of play: 50.001% Tulane, 49.999% Alabama.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / In at University of Alabama
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:10:15 AM »
My fourth accept of the cycle: Ave Maria, Hofstra and Tulane are the others.

I applied late, I received a fee waiver and invitation to apply in mid-March. Just got the e-mail this morning.

This buzz from getting accepted never gets old. If it wasn't morning I'd have a drink to celebrate.

Financial Aid / Existing credit card debt and financial aid
« on: May 21, 2006, 11:21:51 AM »
So, I'm leaning heavily toward Tulane (20k scholarship). I received a financial aid mailing from the on Saturday that included the following:

In addition, students may not use educational borrowing or other forms of financial aid to pay for costs not allowed in the financial aid budget. These include moving costs, car loan payments, payments on pre-existing debt (like credit cards), and living expenses associated with days before or after an academic period.

I have credit card debt from a period of more than a year when I was unemployed. I lost my job to offshoring. When my unemployment benefits and savings were exhausted, I used my credit cards to pay necessary expenses.

I'm sure I won't have all this debt paid off by August. The plain meaning of the quote above is that I can't use money borrowed for school to make minimum payments on credit cards.

Is anybody in a similar position, that is, knows you will carry pre-existing debt into law school? And, are you under the same restriction? Is that rule just for some schools, or is it universal?

How are you planning to deal with it? I'd hate to defer yet another year. I'm thinking I could work part-time during LS and use my wages to pay credit debt.

Thanks for the help.

Just got DePaul's WL notice today. Got an email last week from Loyola-Chi asking me to either stay on thru June, June-July, or withdraw.

I'm mailing both my responses back today. I'm going to stay on both their Waitlists. I love the city of Chicago, was really looking forward to living there during LS.

In any case, I'll have to send my $700.00 second deposit to Tulane, because I'm sure I won't hear from either Loyola-Chi or DePaul before the June 1 Tulane deadline for the second deposit. Also, as I've been researching NOLA and Tulane Law, I'm really warming to the idea of going there too. I want to keep my options open in the Windy City as long as possible, but there won't be any tears shed if I end up at Tulane.

They sent an e-mail last Friday. I may be jumping the gun on this. Just would like to get an idea of the numbers/demographics getting in or getting dinged.

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