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Incoming 1Ls / Case Briefs -
« on: December 18, 2011, 04:04:35 PM »
During the first semester of my second year of law school I found this website because I was trying to find sales case briefs for Whaley's 4th edition. was the only website on the enter internet that I could find for sales. It was a major help. I ended up getting a B+ in the class. Which is unbelievable because I probably spent 5% of that semester on the subject. I ended up going back there the next semester because I added it to my favorites. I was pleased to learn that they added case briefs for Wills, Estates, & Trusts.,%20Trust,%20and%20Estates/Wills,%20Trusts,%20and%20Estates%20-%20Home.htmlUnfortunately I didn't have it that semester but I made sure to go back there during my third year. Out of nowhere they had added over 20 subjects with case briefs that they had wrote as well as case briefs from other websites that I would never had know about. For torts case briefs, they have over 500 case briefs and almost the same amount for contracts, and constitutional law.

It ended up being a major help because it saved me so much time not having to search several different websites to find a particular case brief. Unfortunately, it was not until my last semester that they started adding outlines for several law school courses. I'm not affiliated with the website, but I realize how benificial the website can be for a 1L or 2L law student. I would definitely recommend the website and that is why I took the time to mention it.

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