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I am having a very hard time weighing my options, and I guess I am looking for validation that I am not making the wrong decision.  Specifically, I'm looking at the public or government work sector after obtaining my JD (eventually, I'd like to work in-house).

I was offered admission to Baylor (T2) with no scholarship.  Attending Baylor would mean I would need to quit my full-time job and commute 1.5 hours every day (my husband and I live in Austin).  However, Baylor has an incredible program and a great reputation.

Alternatively, I was also offered admission to St. Mary's University (T4) with a significant amount of scholarships (also, St. Mary's tuition is substantially less than Baylor's).  At St. Mary's, I can enroll in their PT evening program and keep my FT job (the job is relevant to the legal workforce and offers a competetive salary).  At St. Mary's, I will also need to commute 1.5 hours to school.

Thus, I'll graduate with significantly less debt (under $50k for law school), I'll retain a strong and relevant work history, but I'll have a JD from a T4 school.  Soooo...  if I'm not planning on going into Big Law, does it really matter if I graduated from a T4?

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