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Studying for the LSAT / New to the board
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:50:22 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am new on here and after reading a few of the posts I feel completely lost on a starting point.  Here is my background:

I have written the lsat twice so far.  Once back in 2004.  My mark was 133.  TERRIBLE.  I had no guidance, no plan, nothing.  3 years later, 2007, I decided to try again.  That time I studied hard. Took a course and studied every night, timing every test.  My mark...148.  I am so discouraged with how hard I studied only to get a 148.  Now, it's 2011.  I just don't feel like I have accomplished what I can and what I want to. 

I recognize one major error I made in my studying for the lsat the last time. I did not really go over the questions I got incorrect to understand why I got them wrong and why the correct answer was well,  correct. 

The LG was the easiest for me.  The LR seemed to be the one I stuggled on.  RC, I did ok with, but, room for improvement.  I noticed that some of you mention doing "timed" and "untimed" testings.  I did not do "untimed" testing before and I can see how that is beneficial.  Basically, it makes sense that if you cannot answer the questions untimed, how can you answer them timed?  Is there anyone out there that could help and guide me in a direction to start studying again and write the lsat again in the near future.  I was hoping for February, but I do not anticipate being able to prep intime with the posts I have been reading here. 

I appreciate any help or tips that you can provide.

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