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Law School Admissions / Do I have a shot at the T-14?
« on: November 19, 2011, 11:09:50 AM »
Hi guys. I'm an AA female with a 2.1 GPA (I know), and got a 168 on the October LSAT. Let's just say my first year of college wasn't great, and I was a middling student in general  after that.  I have changed a lot, albeit a little too late, and think I could handle the pressures of law school. My resume and my LSAT score give me hope, and I really do want to go to the best school that I can. Someone recently informed me that I should stop looking at T2 schools, and apply all over the top 100. He even suggested that the T-14 was in play, but I seriously doubt that. I like the idea of applying to Northwestern and Gtown, but I am overestimating myself a bit? If so, could you guys give me an idea of where I should apply? Thanks!

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