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Canadian Law Students / Rankings - Ottawa versus Queen's
« on: April 14, 2006, 09:39:42 AM »
Hi everyone.  I'm having a hard time making a decision about school for next year and am wondering what anyone knows about the schools i've been accepted to.  Unlike in the US, where there is a standard ranking that everyone seems to know and analyze, i can't seem to find a list of top 10s in Canada. 

So far, i've been accepted at Ottawa, Queen's, Calgary, and UNB.  Still waiting on Sask, McGill, Dal, and Western.  Denied at UBC.  I'm leaning between Ottawa and Queen's -- interested to hear anyone's take on the schools.  Which is better?  Also, where do UNB and Calgary fall in there?

I'm a Canadian and am a bit unsure about some of the intricacies with the American Legal system and Law School in the States.  I applied to mostly Canadian schools but did decide to apply to Michigan State when i heard about a Joint Program they offer with University of Ottawa (JD/LLB).  I applied, got accepted with quite a bit of $$$ and am considering going there only because of the joint program.  I like the sound of it from the Canadian side (an Ottawa degree would be decent here) but was wondering what options would be open from the American side.  I wouldn't want to live in Michigan and wondered if anyone knew how hard it would be to go to school there and then go to MA, CT or NY (the only other places in the US I would consider living/working).  Hope someone can help.... Thanks!

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