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My seat deposit deadlines have been extended, but I must decide soon. I am a California native. I would like to practice in Los Angeles and don't know which school to attend.

University of Wisconsin - I have been offered in-state tuition ($12,000 per year). I visited Madison in early March and really loved it. The lower cost-of-living is also very attractive. I'm worried about getting a job back in Los Angeles. Wisconsin has an off-campus interview program in L.A., but I' not sure how many jobs are secured through this process. The plan was to try to come back and clerk during the summer in L.A. Also, I'm not sure what my future holds and I assume that Wisconsin carries more weight than Loyola or Southwestern outside of L.A. I'm a HUGE football fan and the idea of big-ten football has me really excited.

Loyola Law School - I was not offered a scholarship. Loyola has a huge alumni base in L.A. and better than average employment prospects. $100,000 in debt does not sound so good. Cost of living in L.A. is high, but I will be around friends and family. Local summer opportunities will probably be abundant.

Southwestern School of Law - Offered full-tuition scholarship. This school's reputation in L.A. is not as strong as Loyola's, but a friend of mine who recently graduated is doing fine (second job at 90k/yr). Apparently, the curve was raised to 3.0 this year, which is good news for those of us who are considering Southwestern. The school's new dean is making many changes for the better. The campus is beautiful and high tech.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.  

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