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I got the call today and I am going to be a lawyer!!!!! Thanks for everyone on this board answering question, helping w/ LSAT/ etc... This is the best day ever! I start in 1 month. I have to quit my job, move what I need into inlaws house in Houston and get financial aid squared away so I can pay the mortgage here in Austin, Busy busy
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I am really interested in attending St. Mary's in San Antonio but an Alumni (undergrad not law school) told me that they are in danger of losing ABA status due to their low bar passage rate (61% vs Tx avg of 78%) Has anyone else heard this? Should I call and ask the school or would they even admit it if they were? Any ideas?

Choosing the Right Law School / I can't even spell (waiver) right!
« on: September 09, 2004, 05:54:41 PM »
See what I mean. What are they thinking?!

Ok seriously. They sent me a fee waver a packet and an email invitation to an open house at the end of september.  I have a 2.06 GPA and a 159 LSAT. Is someone at the admissions office drunk? Do they send this to everyone just to screw with them? I am praying just to get into a T4 school. Why would a top 20 school do that to me. It must be like in the movie Never been kissed where Drew Barrymore gets invited to the prom by the popular guy and he shows up and throws eggs on her prom dress. I am going to call them tomorrow and ask if I can talk to the practical joker who keeps sending me this stuff and tell them that it is not nice being mean to underacheivers

Law School Admissions / When to send in Application for spring?
« on: August 26, 2004, 11:06:35 AM »
Ok the deadline for spring admissions (yes this school has a spring admission)is Oct. 1st. I have everything in my LSDAS account done except I am waiting on 2 letter of Rec.'s They were mailed this week so I am assuming about 2 weeks until they will be posted in my account. My question is should I go ahead and send my app to the law school or should I wait until those letters show up in my account? Is it better to send the application now and let the letters catch up or wait and let LSAC send them a coplete file?  Any help greatly appreciated!!

Law School Admissions / Freakin out about chances of Admission!
« on: June 09, 2004, 12:58:44 PM »
Ok, I am kinda freaking out now. As many here probably know I have sh@#$y grades. about a 2.1 (all transcripts not in yet hoping that the 4or 5 JC classes will help) My UGPA was a 2.01 (one 100th of a point to spare, yeehaw!) Anyway. I just found the breakdown of the school I want to go to, South Texas College of Law on LSAC. It looks like this for Apps with GPA of 2.0-2.24  {LSAT 170-180 1 app 0 acc} {165-169 1app 0acc}  {160-164 7apps 1acc}  {155-159 10app 1 acc} So the two people with higher LSAT (than my practice scores) and my GPA WERE REJECTED! What the hell. So it looks like I have a 1 in 20 chance? What are they looking for? I have 5 years work exp. I had a weak majorthough. Lots of extra curr. Worked full time blaa blaa blaa. What do you guys think I need to increase my chances. I was thinking all along if I did really well on the LSAT then it was a definate.I mean this IS a T4 school and  according to all of the calculators it was 80-90% This does not look like 80-90% to me! What will help! Good LOR, Awesome PS, addendum? Man I am confused now

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