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Choosing the Right Law School / Duke or Texas?!? HELP PLEASE!
« on: February 25, 2007, 08:54:09 PM »
Anybody have any thoughts on what would be a good decision for me to make?

Just a little background...Texas has always been my top choice, but after a generous Duke scholarship my tuition debt load for attending either school is basically the same. I am in-state, and would love to study and practice in Texas after graduation. However, my parents and many other adults advise that job opportunities would be greater coming out of Duke, a school of higher USNEWS ranking. Plus, I have heard that 1L summer jobs are relatively hard for Texas students to obtain.

So basically, what is worth more? Duke's ranking and being more "national"? Or Texas with 3 years of potential networking and the social network that I already have here?

P.S. If it makes any difference, I had hoped to buy a condo if staying in Austin to build up a little equity instead of throwing away money on rent each month. I don't plan on staying in NC, so that really isn't an option at Duke.

After much delay, I have finished revising my statement and adding a little more detail into the paragraphs. Is anybody willing to proofread it, and give me some critism or give it the okay for me to send it in? Thanks guys.

We can see the finish line! Let's finish it strong together.

Can anybody give me comments on my statment? I wanted to write about my pledging experience, but was afraid it came out all fluffy and inappropriate. You guys can send over your personal statements for me to look over also.

Where did people get the notion to come up with the term of “under represented minority”? I am still struggling to understand what conditions qualify an ethnic group to have this status and the AA benefits. It’s true that there may still be some racial discrimination, but that is a problem that will persist forever. Under the current AA rules, does anyone feel that maybe native Indians are the only group that may deserve the status of URM? African-Americans and Hispanics may not be well represented in society, but they are still visible to the public in law related careers. There are a number of Hispanic/African-American mayors, judges, senators, etc. When was the last time anyone has ever heard of an Asian, Indian, or Native Indian in prominent positions? What have they done to be excluded from the URM group? It can even be stretched to lower class whites. Very rarely do any of them make the jump from minimum wage to Supreme Court Justice. Should they be included as URM’s as well?

How do others feel about this subject? I may just be thinking the completely wrong direction.

Most of my application is pretty solid, but I am a bit shaky on LOR's. Attending a huge public for the past 2 years has made it difficult to maintain any good relationships with teachers who are most often so engrossed in research they barely have time to teach their classes. I am getting a letter from an advisor who is very nice and says she can write a strong letter. I asked a previous employer, who replied and told me to write a letter for him to sign off on. And I am thinking about asking my current employer for one later in a month (giving him 2 months to get to know me, and 6 weeks time to write the this enough?)

So..give my situation...
Will it look bad that I don't have an academic professor writing a letter?
If I am iffy on a letter, will it be better to send it in regardless or only submit 2 out of a maximum of 3?

Thanks for your opinions!

Law School Admissions / earliest date to send apps in?
« on: June 13, 2006, 04:57:11 PM »
i guess for a lot of schools, the deadline for early decision is november 1st. does anybody happen to know when they START accepting apps? Thanks.

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