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Financial Aid / Tell me if I'm crazy for doing this...
« on: June 19, 2006, 02:07:35 PM »
Sooooo, say I have this "friend," see, who is going to school part-time and it costs $26K per year (payable semesterly, in 2 lump sums), so that's $13K in August and another $13K in January (or whatever).
She qualified for the max in subisidized ($8.5K/yr) and unsub ($10K/yr) fed loans and has a private zero-interest loan (benefactor-ish) for total tuition and room and board and such.
Even though she has the benefactor, she's thinking of putting the $13K on a credit card and paying it off the next day (before interest is charged) with the benefactor's money to earn a shitload of points to play with.
She is also thinking of taking all of the $8.5K of sub. loans (none of the unsub) and investing it in CDs or savings acct and letting it sit (earning 4.75%) until the first payment is due (after law school), thusly not having to pay interest there either.

Anything wrong with her logic or financial aid understanding?

I'm still waiting to hear their FIRST response.  And I've already sent in $1500 in seat deposits to Seton Hall.
Should I just give up and stick with SHU (they are equal in my eyes right now)?
Anybody have a resounding opinion on which school is sooooo much better than the other?

Did anyone get into BLS off the waitlist or the deferred list yet?  (Besides Saphyrva, I already found her).

Here's the story - I'm in at Seton Hall (put in the 1st $500 seat deposit 2 weeks ago), but I've been waitlisted at NYLS and deferred at Brooklyn (Brooklyn describes their "deferrals" as less than waitlisted - meaning, if I'm extra nice, I may get bumped up to waitlisted status).  I plan on sending a letter of continued interest to Brooklyn simply because it is in the state of New York (although the commute to Seton Hall = the commute to Brooklyn for me) and because it is ranked higher than SHU in USNWR.  Should I even do this?  Is it worth it or should I just shrug and say "Seton Hall is good enough?"

Also, should I send a letter of contiuned interest to New York Law School?  Is it worth it?  So many things tell me that Seton Hall is better (and they have actually accepted me) and to just retract my application from NYLS, but...  it's only 3 blocks away from my apartment.  :(

I've got some tough decisions to make and this will only become even tougher is St. John's sends me an admit some time this century.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.  :)

So, the deadline for my seat deposit at Seton Hall is due 04/15 and so is my "Wait-List Acceptance" letter to New York Law School.  Problem is - I waited 'til the last minute (don't have any money to throw around and am still waiting to hear from 4 more schools) and called all day yesterday, faxed the credit card payment slip and wait-list agreement to them today, and don't know if they got it (fax confirmation says "yes" but still...)  I know it was Passover and now Good Friday, but, come on law schools!!  Didn't they realize this?  Why did they make April 15th (a Saturday, no less) the deadline if they knew they were gonna take every holiday they could take.  I thought that Seton Hall and NYLS would have been open yesterday (SHU is "Catholic" afterall) and even today (since it's only a "bank holiday" - the courts are still open), but, no such luck.
Anyone else frustrated by this or am I the only idiot that likes to push the envelope by procrastinating until the last minute??

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