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Studying for the LSAT / from untimed to timed?
« on: July 31, 2011, 07:08:58 AM »
Hi everyone, I'm new here, in fact I only came across this forum when searching for "hardest LR", but already I've found it vaulable :)

The thing is, I've been studying for the October LSAT for two month now, studied both Bibles and have done 4 UNtimed (but almost as quick as my brain allowed me to) tests, Preptest A, B and C in Superprep and #7. I got a 169 for PT A, which I did before reading either Bible, and 173, 172 and 170 respectively for the other three, after studying both books.

While doing PT #7 I tried to time myself, but only found myself NOT finishing either LR section in less than 40-45min, plus I didn't use the answer sheet, so add a couple minutes for filling in the ovals. And I'm starting to worry, despite my correct rate which I think is not bad for now.

I guess I'll probably be fine with RC and LG, except for the really hard ones, though.

My question is, should I start timing myself immediately, like, stop st 35min and see how many points I get (of course I'll finish the sections afterwards), or, do I continue to do tests untimed, until I feel completely comforted with all the techniques and have accummulated quite a lot experience? What do you guys think?

BTW I'm fancying ED at Columbia Law. If I end up with something like 172, with my 3.68 GPA from Hong Kong U (but first honour in my faculty being 3.2, I'm reading English and Linguistics double major), would I stand any chance?

Thanks for your advice!


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