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Is there a website, besides the school's website, that tells you what is needed to transfer. I'm busy as fck, don't feel like getting LORs or writing a personal statement. is anyone aware of any top 30 or so schools that just want your grades and a short personal statement-TOPS.

Choosing the Right Law School / Is this a no brainer?
« on: March 21, 2006, 09:12:43 PM »
Hello all,

I am new to this board, and new to the whole online discussion forum process but I find this site to be quite informative and have registered. As a Fall '06 1L, it is coming down to decision time. I just want to hear some opinions on my choices, if you feel like it.

Stetson-no money offered. Would be about 30k/yr in tuition and fees. But I absolutely love the school and the area.

Akron-full scholarship! I must maintain a 3.3. Even if I don't, I will be an Ohio resident after 12 months so I am looking at 14k/yr in tuition in fees for only 2 years. The irony is that I just applied because it was free, but now they are my top choice.

St.Thomas Miami-14k/yr scholarship if I stay in the top 25%. i haven't heard many good reviews of this school.

Debt scares the hell out of me, so Stetson is almost out of the picture, unfortunately. I believe I can get the same caliber job graduating from Akron as I could from Stetson. Does anyone agree? Also, I am looking to become a public defender and, after doing research in my home county, I have discovered that the PD's come from all over the country. The few I have talked to feel that they got their job due to extracurricular activities and not school ranking.

Also, I may change my mind and go for the big money jobs. After reading this site, Tier 3 does not seem to place well in 100k+ jobs. Also, I do not care where I live, particularly so...Akron, right?

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