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Transferring / JMLS (Chicago) to Northwestern
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:34:26 AM »
I finished in the top 3% of 1Ls, with a 3.83 at JMLS.  I am waiting to hear back from Northwestern, I know it's quite a jump, but I was just wondering if anybody has made a comparable transfer, or can offer me some odds.  I had a horrible undergrad gpa, 158 LSAT, but have some unique work experience which I really hammered in the PS.  I know that this is black magic, but I'm anxious and wondering what some objective voices thought.  Also, any thoughts on whether or not transferring to Kent or LUC would be a lateral move, or worth the difference in the sticker price would be appreciated.  I want to work in prosecution, so of course Kent's trial ad program is alluring, and I have little to no interest in big law.  Thoughts?

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