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As it's getting close to April I dug out my stuff to make CERTAIN that I wasn't about to miss any impending deadlines that I had previously overlooked. 

I then actually read through USC's "Enrollment Response Form" and noticed that it has 3 options, rather than the usual two.   The first talks about having to turn in the 500 dollar deposit, the second makes no mention of this.  It reads:

"I cannot confirm my plans at this time.  Please reserve a seat for me in the fall 2006 entering class.  I need additional time to make a final decision for the following reasons:

- I am waiting to receive notification regarding my financial aid application

- I need additional information from usc regarding __________________

- I am waiting for admissions decisions from the following law schools (please list). (italics theirs)

This seems oddly nice.  Has anyone asked what exactly the last stipulation means?  "Admissions decisions"-- are these just initial decisions?  Do waitlists count too (I'm assuming not)?   

I plan on selecting this option if I haven't heard back from my still-pendings by then... I wonder how long they will give us if we tell them we need more time? 

While the confirmation of intent to enroll form says

"If you choose to accept our offer of admission, please also also agree to withdraw all applications submitted to other law schools and to forego applying to any other law schools."

I emailed the admissions office yesterday and was told: 

"I am not sure what form you are referring to....the form we send doesn't
have that stipulation
...unless you applied early decision, but your deposit
would have been due Dec. 15.

While we would like to know that you are committed to NDLS when you submit
your confirmation deposit, it has happened in the past that folks who are
confirmed must cancel with us for various reasons.  There is no stipulation
on the confirmation form about withdrawing your application from other
schools, if you applied regular admission
." (formatting mine)

And to be clear, I definitely didn't apply in time for ED. 

So... What is going on?  Has anyone else asked about this?  Did they misprint the form?  Is the admissions office just confused?  Did I get a weird copy?  I've seen the presence of this clause confirmed numerous times on LSD... and I'd really like to clear this up (for my sake and that of others) before our set deposits are due. 

I didn't get the mass-waitlist email from Michigan yesterday, but have been in communication with them about my file.  "No we have not yet reached a decision."    How nice.

I'm slowly learning that trying to determine Michigan's decisions based on numbers is rather futile... but, any speculation on what this means for me?    I'm a resident, non-URM, straight from undergrad, but with strong EC's and strong recs. 

Sigh, if they're going to reject me I wish they'd just get it over with so I can decide if spending $$$$ to go visit USC is in my best interest.   :-[

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