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Let me write War & Peace about myself first...  (Future to past)  I am taking the LSATs June 6, 2011.  Not sure how I will do, I am hoping for 160s.   I am presently working on a MBA, 25% through program and have a 4.0.  Graduated with BA in History, Magna Cum Laude 3.82.  I did all this while working full time.  I have had a few legal entanglements, including probation with adjudication withheld upon completion of probation (resisting arrest without violence).  Yet I have never been convicted of a felony.  Juvie record is dicey, with no convictions, but also should be sealed and is over 25 years old.  I never made it to high school (that is right, never made it), got my GED at 18.  My parents never finished high school (dad got GED, not sure about mom).  So I am the first person in my family to finish college.  My son is the first person to finish high school (but now he is smoking his life away  :-[ ).  I am basically white (13 races, complete mutt) and was hood raised in Gary IN and Detroit MI.

The question... Does my background (legal entanglements) put at risk any potential to actually practice law?  I would think with my family background, I am the sort of candidate/student that schools and ABA want (it makes for good PR).  So anyone practicing law or going through similar process is welcome to offer advice...

Thank you :)

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