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Current Law Students / Is anyone studying abroad this summer?
« on: February 08, 2005, 11:19:14 AM »
I attend a law school on the east coast and will be spending the summer in Rome through Loyola University Chicago. Anyone else going abroad this summer? 

Current Law Students / Someone please explain "intent"
« on: November 25, 2004, 08:19:46 AM »
    I am struggling with the concept of "intent" in torts. Specifically, if a doctor accidentally amputates the wrong leg on a patient, why is this a battery? Where is the intent to harm or offend? Someone please explain this concept to me! I am also confused on "substantial certainty." Is it that there is a "substantial certainty" that the contact will occur or is it that there is a "substantial certainty" that the contact will be harmful or offensive? Both? I would appreciated any feedback that can clarify this concept for me. Thanks!

Current Law Students / Anyone CHOKED on an essay quiz yet?
« on: October 25, 2004, 07:52:00 PM »
I had my first essay quiz in torts today and I CHOKED, not just your normal "water down the wrong pipe choked," I mean, "I just ate a big fat fcking chicken wing and am turning blue" choked. I did all the studying, and knew all the answers on the quiz. However, I got immersed and entangled with 2 pages of irrelevant facts that did not need to be specifically addressed. I was not even half-way done when time was called and I know that I lost a shitload of points. I am kicking myself in the ass for this unexcusable mistake. Although the essay quiz only counts as a small portion of the overall grade, I feel like *&^%! Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a useful tip for keeping oneself "on track" during these essays? I believe there is safety in numbers, so any similar experiences would be appreciated.

For those who work full time and need to go to school part time, I would like to share my law school orientation experience. I am currently enrolled in the part time program at New England School of Law. I never imagined that I would have such a great experience at a 4th tier school! My class is composed of 110 students, most of which are considering IP Law. For a 4th tier school, I will say that the students have their ducks in a row! Most students that I have met are older and have science or engineering degrees. They also have many years experience in their current medical or pharmaceutical fields. Most IP students plan on working at the company they are currently employed within a legal capacity. They are not relying on a crappy associate postion after they graduate. These people are very smart and FRIENDLY! The atmosphere at New England is non-intimidating and cordial. Not at all what I expected. Also, the teachers are NICE! They are willing to make concessions for those who have career and family obligations. I never thought that I would consider myself priviledged to attend a 4th tier school. However, I would not trade my 4th tier experience for all the tea in China. I hope this post helps those considering New England School of Law. After all, if you are the next inventor of a Chia Pet or Clapper, you can get free legal advice from your colleagues! Just Kidding!!!!!

Just wondering. There hasn't been any Northeastern posts in awhile.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Suffolk waitlist disbanded
« on: June 18, 2004, 05:15:00 PM »
I just got a letter today from Suffolk saying that their waitlist has been disbanded. WTF!!!! Has anyone else received this letter? I am very disappointed. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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