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Job Search / getting into biglaw a year after graduating???
« on: April 29, 2011, 09:20:52 PM »
I'm a 2010 grad (UCLA, 3.5 GPA, passed CA bar on 1st try, want to practice in the Bay Area) who chose not to do biglaw to follow a passion for sports law (an opportunity came up that I didn't know if I would ever get again). I'm enjoying what I do but regretting missing the big law experience - both for the money (i have loans to pay off) and for the opportunities it will present even in my specific field - for example, most professional organizations want their GCs and assistant GCs to have biglaw experience.

My question is, how do I get into biglaw without going the traditional OCI route (obviously not an option for me) when I have no experience in any relevant practice areas? Some of my general skills are obviously transferrable but to do, for example, corporate transactional work I would have to be trained like I am a new grad. It seems strange to enter as a first year associate when I have been out of law school for a year but I'm not sure what other route to take to get into biglaw.

And assuming the answer is "just apply", do I just start sending out to firms in the area? It's not like they are posting openings for 1st year associates. Even if they did, I would be coming in likely after the 2010 grads and before the 2011 grads, which seems odd.

Hoping my year of fun doesn't forever preclude me from trying out a large firm! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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