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General Off-Topic Board / This semester, "D" is for Diploma
« on: April 09, 2007, 01:52:36 PM »
Blue, you can go ahead and get mad that I'm not studying. It's just for this one little post.

Here's the thing, folks -- I CAN'T CONCENTRATE ANYMORE!
Before the semester ends, I need to: finish senior thesis, PRESENT senior thesis, write two term papers, write 5 OTHER papers, and study for all my exams. And I just cant get myself to get any work done! I started the semester wanting to raise my GPA by .013 of a point, but now I'm spouting a new mantra:

"D" is for "Diploma"!!

Case in Point: I have a really hard exam in my International Political Economy class in about 1.5 hours. Despite staying up really late last night and despite coming into the library early this morning, I have gotten about 15 - 20 mins of REAL studying done. It's depressing, but I just can't concentrate!

Who's with me? Tell me your stories! Make me feel better! And then proudly take up your new mantra and chant, D is for Diploma!

(This one's for you Illini07 ... you and your wine appreciation and gardening classes!! Gaah!)

General Off-Topic Board / Tell me your favorite lawyer jokes
« on: April 05, 2007, 09:30:30 PM »
Well, go on. Tell me.

I want to always be the person with the BEST lawyer joke. Haha.

Choosing the Right Law School / American ASW April 13, anyone?
« on: March 26, 2007, 08:48:11 AM »
I'm planning on going to this. Anyone else?

I am buying my plane ticket today or tomorrow I hope, and I am planning on getting there Thursday evening and coming home either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Also, what's with only being able to bring one guest? I'm gonna have to pick between my poor parents who are both super excited about going!

General Off-Topic Board / Blah.
« on: March 22, 2007, 04:37:31 PM »

That's how this weeks two rejections an a WL has me feeling. They were at schools I was positive would reject me, so why am I feeling like this? I kept thinking that once the rejections came I would feel better (better than all the uncertainty of waiting), but really I just feel worse. Maybe this is why some people are religious -- some hope, no matter how absurd, feels better than knowing you're rejected.


/end kill self attitude, back to your regularly programmed "CheerySwirl"


Carpal tunnel used to be associated with secretaries and typists, but it seems we're all typists these days. All the typing I've ever done has been as a student. I've used a laptop since 1999 (which also means I've use a touch pad and not a mouse since then, too).  I type with my fingers on the correct keys except for P (which I reach for with my middle finger, oddly enough) and SHIFT (which I only ever use my right hand for).

This past semester I've had off and on pains. Mostly I figured I was just being paranoid, and ignored it. But this past week I have had AWFUL pain starting with my index finger, up through my hand, and sometimes as far back as my elbow (right hand). When I would wake up in the morning and still be in pain, I had a minor freak out and went and bought a track ball (the kind you use with your thumb, to give my index finger a break) and a new keyboard (cuz I have a tiny laptop, which puts my hands at a funny angle). I also bought a wrist guard/band thingie. I considered buying one of the very stiff wrist protector thingies, but I thought it might be overboard since I havent been diagnosed with anything...

But the pain isn't really going away. I've been taking ibuprofen, which I'm about to step up to around the clock use. I know what I really need to do is give my hands a break and quit typing for a few weeks. Impossible! I'm in the middle of writing my thesis, I have a million papers due in the next few weeks, and I haven't hand-written class notes since 2004. But tonight, as I sit here working, I've started to feel a little numbness, which is a SURE SIGN of trouble! :( :( :(

Anyway, I guess I'm writing all of this to say -- if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, experiences, opinions (I know you've ALL got opinions) about this, tell me! I'm kind of having a minor freak out moment because once you get carpal tunnel, you can't ever really fix it. They can do surgery, but it's not going to make it 100% better.

And if I *am* having a real issue, what on earth am I supposed to do about typing the rest of my life?!

I got my first rejection (of many, I am certain, just look at my silly LSN) last week from Emory. When I told my mother, she exclaimed, "But WHY?!"  At first I was a little put off, "I don't *know*. How should I know? Because they didn't like me. And most likely because my numbers were too low."  Emory and me ... well, that's easy to understand.

But there are other people whose numbers are within range, and still get rejections. That's gotta be so frustrating. It's like handing in a test and getting it back with an F on it, only the prof didn't bother telling you what you did wrong. Obviously knowing what you did wrong on a test is important pedagogically, and there doesnt seem to be such a necessity with law school apps (unless you are applying again, or are trying to get good at helping other people apply).

But STILL! My mom is right. It'd sure be nice if they pointed at where you went wrong. Obviously I understand the difficulties with this (goodness, they dont even have time to personalize all the acceptances, much less the rejections!), but it'd still be nice to know why. Well, maybe not "nice," but "interesting" at least. 

They could do it by just checking a number or something. 1. LSAT too low. 2. GPA too low. 3. Crappy PS. 4. Not enough diversity. 5. Crappy LORs. 6. We don't take convicted felons. 7. We woulda taken you, but you applied too late in the cycle. 8. No Work Experience. 9. Too young. 10. Not enough leadership roles.  Or worse: All of the above. You suck.

So anyway, just my random middle-of-the-night rant.

In general: Should I spend the money on going to an ASW if I've already decided what school I'm going to?

Specifically: So far, my favorite acceptance is American. I would pick it over any lower ranked schools I applied to (Tier2) even with $$, and any higher ranked schools I applied to I have like 1% or less chance of getting in to (WL at Notre Dame, but I'm not holding my breath). I know I have a million schools pending, so it's kinda early to be asking, but I'm going to anyway because the acceptance season is almost over.

There's an ASW on March 23 and another April 13. I'm going pass on the early one, just in case there is a miracle acceptance somewhere. But my question is -- If by the time the ASW rolls around I've already decided that's where I want to go, is it really worth it to go? More specific to my situation: I wouldn't be buying a plane ticket (from Texas) till really late since I won't know till late, so it'll be $$ and I've already spent $11 billion on this whole process. Also, I am taking 18 hours this semester and the weekends are crucial to getting all my work done (I have eight (8!!!) more papers to write (two of which are term papers) plus thesis still before graduation). Also pertinent: I've been to DC, albeit for only a couple of days, and I've never seen the campus.

So I guess the main question is: How much will I really be missing out on by not going to an ASW? I'm assuming it's not going to make or break my 3 years there. I would LIKE to go, but I'm trying to decide what will be better in the long run.

Again, this is a pre-emptive question.

Thanks :)

General Off-Topic Board / Why we call it LSD
« on: March 07, 2007, 08:49:50 PM »
Hello, my name is SilentSwirl and I am addicted to LSD. 

Welcome to the Twelve Step Program.

1. Admit that you are powerless over the pull to post on LSD - your 'browsing' has become unmaneagable.

2. Recognize that a Power greater than ourselves [Admissions Committees] could restore us to sanity.

3. Make the decision to turn our applications (indeed, our very souls) over to the Ad Comm's care.

4. Make a searching and fearless inventory of all the posts you have made (this task is simplified by the "post counter" under your name).

5. Admit to ourselves and our IRL friends the extent of our postings.


Aw hell, I can't get past step #5.

I guess I'll just have to keep posting.

Are you taking a class that you totally don't want to be in? These are so annoying!  Usually even when classes aren't wtihin my major I can suck it up and find something fun in them. But this semester I'm taking ...

... Catholic Apologetics!!!

And for the life of me I can't get into it. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on Blaise Pascal's Pensees, so instead I'm writing this post to keep me entertained.

Probably the other single worst "i dont CARE!" class had to be geology. omg.

General Off-Topic Board / Help with Thesis, short survey please!
« on: February 08, 2007, 03:27:04 PM »
Hey y'all.

I'm writing my senior thesis (undergrad) about the effects of two cultural variables on legal systems, with an emphasis on Latin America (Costa Rica, in specific). Part of it includes data analysis from a "random" sample survey. Well obviously none of this is too scientific because I can't control all my variables as much as I'd like.

But I don't have enough respondents. If y'all are sitting around, have some time, or just feel like being nice, would you please fill out my little survey? It should take you about 10 - 12 minutes (max!) and all the questions are easy to answer.

Thank you!!

Edited to add: I am interested in respondents from three "groups" - 1. Costa Rica, 2. USA, 3. the rest of Latin America. If you dont fall into any of those three, I want your answers anyway!

Link to Survey:

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