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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. I'm currently at University of Toronto, doing my undergraduate degree in a challenging specialist program and have maintained a 3.9 +. I know this sounds like the typical "Am I going to get into...?" question, but please bear with me! I know for a fact that I'm very logically inclined and from doing sample LSATs, I know that my score will be in a very high percentile.

However, I'm really concerned because I work very hard and am quite involved, but is it still a waste of my energy to be invested in going to Ivy League law? The problem is that I'm not the typical McKinsey intern in International Relations who is cut for and gets into every Ivy League law school. I have been very involved over the years and have received some decent scholarships but aside from my LSATs and academics, nothing really makes me stand out. I mean I can list charity work and whatnot, but I don't think that's anything new to YLS, HLS and other T14 admission officers.

Is this something that is completely out of reach because of my circumstances (i.e. being from a Canadian school, lack of viable connections and consequently internships) or should I seriously consider the possibility? I'm a very focused person and I would be crushed if I spent the next three years making loads of sacrifices to simply get rejected by all the universities I'm interested in.

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