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I was looking online and found some skeptisim regarding merely five scenarios on the stained glass game.  I was busy and never looked back at the thread. 

My solution of this logic game is based on five intuitively solved scenarios.  Perhaps confusion lies in terminology - a number of additional scenarios could be created redundantly to wholly solve the scenarios.  I invite both of you to the video solution of this game on my website.  Merely email me and i will give you free access for a day or so for your review.  Who knows maybe you guys will endorse it.
I am trying to post it the you tube but it is a twenty-seven  minute video solution.  My you tube handle is arc87123.
My solution methodology only requires five intuitively scenarios to solve the game.  Additional scenario creation is inefficient and dare I say redundant.
On a side note - if any of you know how to acquire games prior to 1990 let me know as I would love to add them to my site.  I followed a discussion of one from 1989 and it sounds very interesting.
Take care guys and I will follow up this time. 


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