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Law School Admissions / Georgetown done?
« on: April 25, 2006, 06:36:55 AM »
Not just with acceptances, but with decisions...nobody has received a decision from Georgetown on LSN since 4/16, and the number of pendings that are left could be chalked up to abandoned accounts. Anybody know what the deal is with this?

(My online status check says complete.)

I vote for the blonde. What's that on your shirt? Some kind of desert scene? You're in Massachusetts.

General Off-Topic Board / Greatest fast food in the south?
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:25:27 AM »
Sorry, I was just dreaming of Cookout milkshakes and Steak & Shake steakburgers and Bojangle's biscuits and got a little hungry...anyone who's enjoyed delicious southern fast food (I know S&S is also in the midwest), please express your appreciation.

So I go by my full, non-diminutive name. The name has a couple potential nicknames, one of which, for some reason, older people seem to use without being asked or told to. I wouldn't bother correcting them, only I hate the nickname. On the other hand, the one time I got so fed up being called this name that I corrected someone, she got all offended and it was really awkward after that every time she said my name. Please tell me someone else here is given unwanted nicknames by their elders, and wishes they could do something about it but can't...

General Off-Topic Board / Locking the gay thread = lame
« on: March 01, 2006, 09:42:37 AM »
If you're offended by somebody saying they wouldn't want you to babysit their kid, you've got a long, tough life ahead of you.

PS: Mugatu, I know who Barry is. That's the whole problem.

I'm just trying to figure out if there's any conceivable way, assuming I'm rejected at Stanford, that I can justify picking another school over Harvard. I'm not trying to brag or come off as a jerk, because I spent a long time trying to convince people to pick Duke over Harvard and Yale and Stanford for undergrad. And I genuinely believe there are good reasons to pick Duke over those schools for undergrad. But for law school? I'm just having trouble seeing it.

For the record, I'm also in at UVA and Duke, and anticipate but of course cannot guarantee acceptances at Georgetown, UCLA, and Michigan. I'd be happy to attend any of these, but...

So it comes back to the question in the thread title. If it's so ridiculous to pick a school like UVA over Harvard, where are those 31% going? They can't all be going to Yale and Stanford, right? Just throwing this out there. And rambling. Answer in full or in part, at will.

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