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I purchased and gathered a ton of LSAT prep materials prior to 2010.  Unfortunately I decided not to go to law school.  Now all of them are available at one bargain price.

I have all published past Official Tests from 1991 to 2009, including all test books you can get from LSAC website (62 tests in total).  I also have PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible,  PowerScore Game Setup Guide and Game Bible, and some older test prep books form Kaplan, Princeton Review, Nova’s, and Test Masters. 

I also have 10 plus books on topics ranging from law school selection, application process, sample essays, to how to succeed after getting into law school, such as How to Get Into the Top Law School (Montauk), Planet Law School II (Falcon), US News Ultimate Guide to Law Schools, One L (Turow), Law School Confidential (Miller), From Here to Attorney (Arnett), etc.   

All of the aforementioned materials are available at one low price $130 OBO.  They can be picked up in NYC area.

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