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Just curious: Does it boost one's employment prospects to stay within the region of one's undergrad?  I lived in Oregon for the first 18 years of my life, went to college at Rice ('05), and now find myself back in OR.  I have a good idea of where I will be applying next cycle, and assuming everything works out in my favor, I will be choosing between UT (full price) or an OR school with a scholarship offer.  My idea is that a Rice/UT combo would be golden in TX, esp. in securing  a 1L summer job.  But the less you can pay for law school, the better - in fact, if I attended Lewis and Clark, I could live at home free with my parents, slashing $8000/yr prior to any scholarship. 

Any suggestions?  I feel I need a better intro to all of this, so if you have questions, please ask.  Thanks for reading.  :)

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