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Black Law Students / Seeking Roommate @ Howard
« on: April 26, 2006, 09:13:16 PM »
This is for the upcoming fall 2006 semester.

- 24 y/o 1L male seeking roommate to share 2 bedroom apt

- Rent maximum of $700 per person including utilities (Open to MD/DC/VA area as long   as it's reasonably close to the metro)

- No smokers or people who consume alcohol excessively

- No homosexuals

- You must have a respectable level of cleanliness (i'm not a neat freak but you have to be willing to clean when it's your turn)

- No dogs or cats, snakes welcome

- 12 month lease (or less); we both sign it

- cable is not a necessity for me so i won't share the bill if you order it; we can do internet

- you have to be willing to agree up front on how we are going to coexist in the same living space...rules, courtesy, etc.

Any interested person please PM me or link me at

Black Law Students / Madea
« on: February 24, 2006, 10:51:37 PM »
Just saw that movie and have no one to discuss it with right now so I'm posting on LSD if you don't mind.  The flick was good, more sentimental than the last one (almost too much), but Madea and the Uncle made up for it with the laughs.  I really liked Cicely Tyson's monologue on the steps, really inspiring. She put forth a relevant question that many of us still don't know the answer to, 'do you even know who you are?'

anybody else see it?

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