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I attended a Tier 2 school at the age of 40 and was really not prepared for the experience. I had elder care issues to contend with, and substantial levels of anxiety and depression that I had never experienced before. I completed the semester with a B, D-, and an F-.  The school permitted me to take a medical leave of absence and retake the semester the following fall. In the fall, my semester was interrupted by the hospitalization of my parent which necessitated by traveling 2000 miles to take care of her. I then had to take the first semester a third time, experiencing again some health problems, and finished the semester with a B-, C, and a C. I would like to attend law school in the future, perhaps a Tier III or Tier IV school. Given a clean bill of health, an improved LSAT score, etc., what are my chances of being admitted into a program again? Thank you for your input...

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