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Choosing the Right Law School / W&L vs. Temple
« on: August 03, 2011, 08:10:51 PM »
Got accepted to W&L off the wait-list with very little money to show for it. Was committed to Temple (but have not signed an apartment lease yet or anything like that, save the seat deposits). Dad surprised me today and said he would cover the difference in cost, making money essentially a non issue now. To what extent will Washington and Lee position me better after graduation than Temple, should I move to Lexington basically just to say I went to a "top 30"? I love Philly, but also love the idea of potentially landing an interesting job in D.C. post-grad. Anyone have any insight? I have Philly connections, but W&L seems like a considerably better school overall. Thoughts?

Hi all, long time reader first time poster. Basically I am mulling over where to send all my money this fall and am kinda struggling. I'll start by saying I am interested in environmental and international law, as well as government. After law school I could see myself working in my home state, PA, in a government agency or a public interest position. On the other hand, I would love the chance to pursue options in D.C. in government or in non profits associated with environmental regulation. All that being said, for what I want to do in PA, I am assuming Temple is the way to go, even if I eventually want to work in Harrisburg. Can anyone convince me to go to PSU? Finally, Tulane and Wake will cost me significantly more, do they have any sort of reach in that post law school I could take those J.D.'s back north to D.C. or PA? I lean Tulane because it just seems like they have incredible opportunities for clinical and pro bono work...Any insight on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated!

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