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I have received most of my responses from law schools so far (waiting on 2 more).  While I'm ecstatic about my acceptances, I am having a hard time making a decision.  I want to attend a school where I have the option of taking out no loans (and don't have to live at home).  But at the same time, I keep hearing that I should attend the best school I get into.   Based off of those two desires, these are my options:

1.  Attend Hofstra, St. John's, or SUNY Buffalo on a great scholarship, live away from home, and have $0 in loans.

2. Attend American (at sticker, meaning close to $108k in loans), University of Georgia (still waiting on my financial aid package, but I am not a state resident so at sticker I would have $59k in loans), or, provided I get in, Indiana Bloomington ($46,500k), or Wisconsin ($76k). Living at home is also not an option for any of these schools.

I also have scholarships to Rutgers-Camden and Penn State (also would not be able to commute), but I would still have to take out $25-30k in loans.

I want to go to a great school, but the prospect of not having any loans out is extremely tempting.  Is it more important to go to a higher ranked school, or am I better off avoiding any debt?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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