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Incoming 1Ls / General Question...Personality for Law School
« on: February 05, 2011, 10:38:14 AM »
First post, help me out.

I am an INTJ Career changer. I am looking towards law / public policy for grad school... Possibly as gov/public interest lawyer, career as judge, background in politics. Just in general trying to help and be fulfilling...The aspects I am most interested in are constitutional law and jurisprudence.
I have considered journalism... but I would like to be able to eat.
I am 30...

I am a non conformist and do not like set rules, I hate corporate jobs and the culture, so although I like the law, philosophy/public policy... I have my doubts. Big law from what I gather, would make me quite insane. I am pretty eccentric, and I dislike corporate drones, conformist thinkers, misers or any combination there of.

I would like to better the world.

I am coming from an IT background, I am good at it, I just do not like it. I have thought I have wanted to write, but... I am more interested in philosophical and political texts than writing a novel. If I wrote, it would be non fiction.

I took the test on human metrics:

Your Type is
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
Strength of the preferences %
100 100 25 22

# very expressed introvert
# very expressed intuitive personality
# moderately expressed thinking personality
# slightly expressed judging personality

note, I also have tested as an INTP before... always extremely intro/intuitive though. I honestly think I am slightly more INTP, despite these internet polls.

For example, I used another one,

Introverted (I) 100%    Extraverted (E) 0%
Intuitive (N) 82%    Sensing (S) 18%
Thinking (T) 75%    Feeling (F) 25%
Judging (J) 64%    Perceiving (P) 36%

As you see again, the J/P is the one that is closest to 50/50.

Of course I know these aren't the real thing but..
Thoughts? Or am I going the wrong path. I would consider getting a PhD in the social sciences and doing academic work, but I have the two body issue and I do not want to move out of the San Francisco Bay Area... Already have a house, etc. It just isn't happening.

I posted on here for some guidance, maybe some INTJ's who are also eccentric? Or am I weird in that way...

I have heard lawyers are mostly ST's? I am 100% Intro/Intuitive.

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