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I am new here and hoping perhaps some of you may be able to share some knowledge, and suggestions for my situation!

Currently I am halfway through my first year of an LLB degree at a UK University. It is not a particularly fancy University, but it does the job. I am originally from the US, and came to the UK when I was 16 and finished the last two years of high school level education here. I completed AS levels in Law, Business, and History. My results were very satisfactory, consisting of ABB. I completed the A2 levels, but did very poorly due to some personal problems in my life at that time. Following that, I took one year to complete a Foundation in Law course, I did very well and that allowed me to gain entry to my current University.

Basically, I am wondering what the best path to take to a career in the US would be. I plan on becoming a qualified solicitor in the UK before I return, and then becoming qualified in the US to have dual qualifications. I have been doing some research, and realise that perhaps employers would prefer to employ someone with a JD. I considered taking a JD after I am qualified in the UK, but it would be quite redundant and I would be over 30 by the time I completed it! My other idea would be to take an LLM, perhaps in general law, and then take the Bar exam in the desired state.

However, I realise I may not be able to take the Bar in some states without a JD? I do not really desire to live or work in NY or CA.

What would be the advantages/disadvantages of my situation? Are these routes I proposed viable? Thanks in advance!

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