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I'd support a draft if and only if there were an option for alternative service.  That means you have the option to go wipe old people's butts, teach underprivliged kids, or do something else similar for the exact same (essentially no) pay that a draftee would get.

Oh, and it'd have to be both sexes.  Citizenship goes both ways.

Choosing the Right Law School / Dilemmas
« on: April 21, 2004, 01:31:02 PM »
I'm currently stuck in between two regional law schools and can't seem to make a decision.  Tell me, oh wise ones, which way I should go.

University of Oregon vs. Michigan State

Personal Data 167, 3.25

UO is a better school (or so the infallable rankings say).  It's also in the part of the country I'd rather live (Pacific Northwest).  It's got Eugene, one of the coolest places in the country.  And I've got friends there.  Open and shut case, no?

Well, MSU (DCL?  MSU-DCL?  They change names too much for me to follow) opened with a full ride.  That'd be nice, but it wasn't enough to change my mind.  But then I found out about a program that really interested me: a joint degree program with the University of Ottowa.  I've always joked about running away and moving to Canada, and it seems I might get the opportunity to do something like it.  With a J.D. from MSU and a LL.B. from UO, I could do some really interesting things, especially pertaining to cross-border issues, operating from either side of the border.  And I'd bet the regional nature of my Ottowa degree wouldn't be as important in Canada, so I could go work out of Vancouver or Seattle.  Or heck, even Oregon.

But only 5 people get accepted into the cross-border program a year.  I'd think I was a shoe-in, but I have a long history of messing good things up.  I don't want to throw away Oregon if I don't get everything I imagine MSU could be.

Also, I'm wait-listed at UTexas and University of Minnisota.  If I get in either place the whole argument becomes academic.

Please post your thoughts.


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