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I visited Temple recently and was surprised to learn that they require professors to allow laptop use for tests. They use a program they bought that facilitates centralized, anonymous grading of electronic exams. How common is this? Do most schools require that you be allowed to use a laptop to take exams?

It is very important to me because writing out huge tests was one of my biggest problems in undergrad.

Choosing the Right Law School / Temple vs. U. of Pittburgh?
« on: January 23, 2006, 05:10:18 PM »
According to USNews - Temple is ranked 65...and Pitt is ranked 52. It seems like a bit of a difference. But, according to the stats, Temple seems pretty clearly the better school. What's up with that?

These stats are from The Princeton Review's 159 Best Law Schools book:
Academics   80
Selectivity   83
Career Rating   83
  Placement   93
  Bar pass rate   88

Academics   74
Selectivity   82
Career Rating   74
  % employed after 9 months   98
  Bar pass   82.5

The only area where Pitt beats Temple is in 'placement', but seems like they must be tallying the numbers differently. They are also similar in employment by field, except Temple has twice as many Government jobs (14% compared to 7%) and slightly less private practice jobs (49% to 63%). In terms of numbers of applications, Temple is about twice as high (in applicants and acceptees.

Sooooooooo what's up?


I applied to several schools in the Northeast - Pitt, Temple, Notre Dame, and Fordham. As a 'dry run' before I submitted my applications, I applied to Baylor, which had offered me a fee waiver.

I ended up getting in to all but Notre Dame (which I have not heard back from yet.) Unexpectedly, I recieved a full scholarship to Baylor, and little money from Temple or Pitt (none from Fordham.) I really like Fordham, and I would love to live in NYC, etc...but I will obviously end up in some serious debt. Up to this point I really haven't viewed law as a set-in-stone career choice - I have been thinking of it like a greuling, challenging adventure to test my abilities and build my confidence. I already have a budding career in computers and business, and financially I am relatively secure. I have about $20k saved up for law school (a drop in the bucket, I know) and I have kind of become used to living without debt. I also know that, at least for the time being, I would much prefer to end up working in the northeast than the Texas area, and I don't know how difficult that would really be with a Baylor degree.

So my question: How risky of a proposition would Fordham be over Baylor? Would the increased potential earnings offset the (way) higher cost? I already know that I would rather go there, but I am just having trouble justifying the cost. Is it worth it?

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