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Choosing the Right Law School / UW, BC, Fordham, USD, where to go?
« on: March 13, 2013, 07:01:00 AM »
Hi, I'm an international student from South Asia. I have received JD admission from UW,BC,Fordham and USD. I cannot decide where to go. Can anyone give me some advice?
I haven't received BC and Fordham's package so I don't know about the scholarship.
Here's my consideration:
UW:  At first, the feeling of the city, Seattle, makes me put this school in my top choice. After talking with some American lawyers and professors, I realized that the reputation of UW is kind of limited within Northwestern part while the legal job market in Seattle might not be as good as that in NY or CA, especially for international students. I know the love in cherry blossom cannot be the only reason to choose a law school. I'm applying for the scholarship and will know the results by April.
BC:  Compared to UW, more people suggest me go to BC owing to the national reputation and great location. For me, west coast is my first choice. I'm not that into Northeaster part.
Fordham:  Kind of similar to BC. I have no idea about how different Fordham is from BC.
University of San Diego:  I'm granted 90% tuition scholarship. My consideration is the reputation determines the job opportunities will be limited with Southern California. I don't know Southern California's legal market for law graduates with Asian background. The first deposit of USD is April 1st. By the way, I like the city.
So that's that.
Many thanks for anyone who can help me. : )

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