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Choosing the Right Law School / Paying back loans
« on: March 10, 2005, 09:34:09 AM »
I keep hearing people talking about paying their loans back for the next 20 years, but doesn't this seem unreasonable.  I expect to rack up a debt of 80K-100K, but I figure this can be paid off in only a few years.  The way I see it is I survive off 25K/yr now, so a job of 75K+ will allow me to cut into my debt significantly.  Of course I would say I would spent 10K-15K per year more just because it is there to spent, that leaves 30K per year to cut into the debt.  I know everybody's situation is different, but for a single person living like a pauper for a few years seems well worth it to clear debt.  Is my reasoning skewed?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / At Gonzaga?
« on: March 10, 2005, 08:15:53 AM »
I was waitlisted at Gonzaga.  It's funny because that was a safety and I have already been accepted to a few tier 1 & 2 schools.  I wonder how they came to this decision. 

I just received a waitlist letter from Gonzaga yesterday.  Yet I have been accepted to Pitt, a tier 1.  What gives?  Not that I care too much, but I thought this was kind of odd.  Anyone else run into any admission anomolies such as this?

General Off-Topic Board / Anyone know anything about electric guitars?
« on: February 11, 2005, 11:36:31 AM »
I have had mine for a couple months now and I just busted a string for the first time.  I am not too sure how to replace it.  I have read online that you need to weave through a hole in the back.  Is this correct?  I believe there might be a panel on the back that may contain these holes, but I am not sure.  Because when I go buy strings after work I don't want to ask this stupid question and look like a moron, it would be helpful if anyone could help me out.  Thanks in advance.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / University of Pittsburgh
« on: November 19, 2004, 04:54:50 PM »
I received this today.  My first one.  What a suprise!  My boarderline numbers somehow held up.  Anyone else hear?

Law School Admissions / University of Washington
« on: November 04, 2004, 11:13:25 AM »
Anyone have their reports requested yet?  I turned in my application over a month ago and still nothing.

Law School Admissions / Is this wrong?
« on: October 22, 2004, 08:23:28 AM »
I sent two LOR's and my transcript to LSAC and then sent in my applications.  Then I got a third LOR which was just processed.  LSAC now is charging me another $12 to send the 3rd LOR to schools which have already requested my report.  I even looked into this once I sent in the 3rd LOR.  The website insinuated they would send out follow up reports as new information came in, but never did they mention this would cost me.  Does anyone else think this is messed up?

I have 2 processed LOR's and 1 which has been mailed to LSAC, but not yet processed.  As I understand it, this third letter will be distributed to all school requesting reports once the LOR is processed.  But I am not sure.  Does anyone know if the letter will be automatically sent, even to school in which it is not required but accepted?

Thanks for any input!

Law School Admissions / Bush makes no sense
« on: October 12, 2004, 08:11:09 AM »
Not to start a political Brew-Ha-Ha, but I have noticed Bush in recent weeks picking apart Kerry's speeches by ridculously taking them out of context.  Just recently the whole terrorism is a "nuisance" fiasco.  I listened to Kerry's speech and he said he wanted to eradicate terrorism, so it is not a fear embedded in the minds of the public.  He acknowledged that terrorism can never be completely eliminated, but any intelligent being know that.  It is like crime.  You can clean up the streets, but there will always be crime.  It is our duty to eliminate it as best as possible, so we are truly safe.

Bush tries to twist the words of Kerry.  I am not buying it.  Is anyone else?

Law School Admissions / Forget Law School
« on: September 24, 2004, 02:07:24 PM »
Hey, I'm sicking of worrying about my future.  I think I am gonna start a band and pursue a life as a rock star.  Anyone with me?

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