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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / PENN 1L
« on: February 04, 2007, 03:33:51 PM »
Havent been to this site in six months but i remember this being helpful in my pre-law days...

Definitely message/post with any questions.

im definitely putting down a deposit at cornell. i havent visited in a while so ill go up and check it out.

i was going to also deposit at Fordham- in case i decide i really wanna be in the city. but now Cardozo has offered me a full tuition grant, with a stipend that makes me smile.

not sure what the hell to do here. opinions and thoughts welcome.


I was doing my usual look at LSN and I noticed that both Columbia and Penn have accepted and reject plenty of people with my numbers that have gone complete before and after me. Nothing new there.

Then I noticed that theyve also waitlisted alot of people with my numbers after my complete date- nothing new.

But im really confused by the deferrals- if theyre not making a decision yet, and they clearly are not, why didnt they defer me? Plenty of people that went complete the same time as I did at Col and Penn were deferred/held- but I wasnt. I dont understand how to irrationally read into this... They say my application, didnt say WOW! We need to have him! and they didnt say BOO! He sucks! and they didnt say Lets make him wait until June! and they didnt say Lets put it off and send him a hold letter

so what the hell DID they say? NYU hasnt waitlisted anyone yet so I fear that my fate lies there with them, but Col and Penn have been plenty forthcomign with info for their applicants, and I literally havent heard a word from either of them since going complete in December!

and im done. someone make this stop.


Law School Admissions / Legacy
« on: February 16, 2006, 01:17:41 PM »
A close relative is a long-ago graduate from one of the top Universities I applied to this fall. Nowhere in the application was there any discussion or mention of familial educational background, and I chose not to incluede it in my PS, so as far as I know the University's adcomm in question has no idea of any connection between my family and their fine institution.

1. do you think they know anyway? ie would they look it up? i cant imagine they would, and given that no substantial donations have been made to the school i cant imagine the name would ring a bell either.

2. in sending a letter of intent/Why UofX letter, is it wise to mention it? does it really matter? will it come across as cheesy? obnoxious?

thoughts on legacy.

(not how much you wish it didnt matter... i think the real crime of admissions is not AA but LegacyAdmissions, so im not lookin to raise a debate on the validity of the practice, just ask about the functional role it plays in admissions/my situation)

any comments would be sweet


I dont check Gtown every day but I went by on Tuesday and im STILL complete.

Checked again today, still complete- but the last update was still Tuesday Jan 31 420PM. Dont they update it every 24 hours? Is everyone else seeing this also?

I know its so pathetic that I noticed this but its bothering me now.

this whole process just does awful things to your brain


Law School Admissions / Complicated question about senior year transcript
« on: January 18, 2006, 07:03:22 PM »
Ive been lurking here for a bit, reading every once in a while.

You guys seem to know alot be helpful so here goes my dilemma:

I am a 167/3.83 at a big private University. I am in the Scholars program, doing honors in my major, writing a thesis, president of a political club on campus, studied abroad in europe and the middle east,blah blah blah. Very solid personal statement about my experiences with terrorism and religion, one rec from the chair of the politics department, one from the vice president of my university who taught an honors seminar i was in, and one from the executive director of the Hillel Center for Jewish Life, where i was heavily involved on campus. it looks nice as a package, but 167 isnt a 170 and the 3.83 isnt a 4.0, so the Yale/NYU/Penn dream seems shakier than I would like.

this past semester i took four classes- I got an A in three of them, bringing in a third straight semester of a 4.0 GPA. (no i dont have an upward trend that the admissions boards crave... my freshman year was a 3.9, my junior/senior years were 4.0 and my drunken, confused sophomore year was a weird 3.55).

in writing my thesis, i took basically an eight credit thesis seminar- four credits i did  last fall, then i went abroad and did some research over the summer. i came back and did the next four credits. but i didnt finish my thesis- that abroad break slowed me down, so my research was scattered and i didnt finish my thesis this semester. the professor/department were FINE with that- i will just finish it by may graduation.
the PROBLEM is that a) this gives me an INCOMPLETE on my transcript, which doesnt hurt my GPA but still says "I" right on the page and that cant look good
and b) i finished school. i have enough credits to graduate just not enough to graduate with honors, because i have to finish the thesis for that. SOOO im not taking classes, but im not graduated- im on a "leave of absence" which just means im still enrolled but not taking classes, and working on my thesis.

my question is whether i should forward along this past transcripts to the law schools... they know I am graduating in May, because when I applied I thought I would just take some more classes this semester, but to save my parents the extraordinary tuition fees, I am not. So i dont know if it looks really bad to be suddenly incomplete in your thesis seminar, on a leave of absence... i just am not sure how to present this. Obviously, if i sent my new transcript along i would HAVE to include a note explaining the Incomplete and the leave of absence- but how can I practically even do that? Like through what forum on LSAC? An individual note to each admissions office?

i know this is confusing and i included my information up on top just to paint a picture- of where im coming from with all this.

oh and heres where i am going: I got into Cardozo and Fordham so far, and I am waiting to hear from Harvard, Yale, NYU, Columbia, Penn, Georgetown, Michigan, Cornell and GW.

anyyyy comments on absolutely anything would be sweet. good luck to everyone.

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