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Studying for the LSAT / Should I take LSAT again after scoring 167?
« on: January 14, 2011, 02:14:53 PM »
I scored 167 in December.  It was better than I expected because when took LSAT back in June 05 I only scored 161.  I got 167 only after one month of full time preparation.  I did not do any prep work since my 05 test until about one month before the test.  This score will definitely get into the school that I was planning to apply in the first place.  But I'm a greedy person.  Annoying thing is that my GPA is 3.87.  LSAT 167 and GPA 3.87 are putting me in "reach" of many schools with single digit rankings.  Should I take it again and try to go for 170+ in June '11 so I can have a definite shot of the top 10?

I just received a 167 LSAT score (95 percentile) that was higher than I expected after only 40 days of intense review.  I have a UGPA of 3.9 out of 4.0 and graduated in 2006 from a top 5 engineering school.  I also have a 3.7 GPA from Master's program from an Ivy League school.  I have 4.5+ years of work experience.

I know 167 LSAT and 3.9 UGPA can get me into a t-14 school like Cornell, but I want to still keep my current job while getting my law degree.  I currently have a low stress 45 hr/wk job that pays me around $90k per year with full benefits.  I really want to keep my job and all the benefits that come with it.  I was originally just planning to apply to Fordham P/T program, but with my LSAT score.  I'm seriously considering F/T t-14 schools.

I need people to give me advice.  I have listed the pros and cons of each decision:

P/T Fordham pro:
1. Keep my job. (4 yrs X 90 K ) = $360K
2. Continue to accumulate work experience.
3. Best P/T program in NY and 3rd in the nation.

P/T Fordham con:
1. Not a T-14 school. (Not really sure how this will affect job opportunities)
2. One extra year to get a JD. (4 years total)

F/T T-14 pro:
1. Higher ranking and more prestige.
2. Three years to get a JD.

F/T T-14 con:
1. Lose my job and medical benefits.
2. No steady cash income.
3. Stop accumulating work experience on my resume.

I need some input about my situation.  If you are going to Fordham or graduated from there, please put in your two cents also.  All comments will be appreciated.

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