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After I have read The IVEY GUIDE TO LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS,  and I feel like I shouldn't go to law school after this 145 LSAT score with 3.0 business major GPA.  Anna Ivey says that it's really bad if you take LSAT for more than 2 times,  and my problem is that I feel like I am not ready to bang out a 155+ (I am going for CUNY Law school) on LSAT, and I have registered for Dec's LSAT.  Should I postpone the test? or take it? 

Yes, I admit that I messed up on the LSAT, and I hate it very much.  So, Should I just apply CUNY Law School with 145 or study hard to retake the LSAT again? I would appreciate your constructive recommendations.  Thank you.

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