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Pursuing an LLM / UCLA LLM waitlist
« on: March 15, 2009, 04:48:58 PM »
I have been put on the ucla llm waiting list. Is anyone familiar with the movement on the waitlist?

As an aside, is anyone aware of the prestige of a ucla llm? I am very aware of their usnwr JD rankings, but does the same correlate to the LLM program?  It has always been my impression that llm's are much easier to get into comparatively than the jd program because the best and brightest will have been employed after graduation and that an llm is not that great of an asset outside of tax law. as my classmate put it, "it is the last refuge of scoundrals."  Is this true? Do employers look favorably on an llm? I am currently a 3L at USD Law and I plan to pursue a bankruptcy/tax llm if admitted if that helps your answer.

Black Law Students / I might be the only viet person on the board.
« on: April 11, 2006, 07:21:31 PM »
that basically sums it up.

Mine was when I realized that there are only a few national schools in the country, and those students there will have no problem finding a job anywhere in the country. My litmus test in determining if a law school is national is if I ask any joe schmo on the street what the best law schools in the country were. I think the only schools that would pass are HYS, and of course Princeton Law right ;). I would be willing to bet that though ucla has a great rep, only those outside the western half of the US know it has a law school. at best if I pulled someone off the sidewalk anywhere else, if asked if ucla had a law school the reaction would be, "maybe, most likely...their basketball team is doing good though."

After I realized this, agonizing over whether baylor or lmu were up or down seemed silly. those schools don't have the name cache outside of their regions. So, because I am not blessed with the best choices in law schools, rankings don't mean much to me at this point and things like fit and fututre job prospects pay a much bigger role.

So after a few months on the board, I think we've all encountered those jerks on the board who consistantly put others down. The 'I only apply to T14 schools bc I KNOW SOMEONE, anyone who does not go to so and so school and scores less then 175 is doomed to shame'. Ok they very well might 'know' someone, but i think we can all agree that they crave attention and enjoy putting others down.

So to fullfill all our juvenile needs to create a blackball list and call those members out, a la Richard Nixon's list, I believe a list is in order.

RULES FOR ADDING A NAME. bc this can quickly turn into a vendetta thread post the offending members handle, and  TWO offending posts that clearly demostrate their jerk title. of course any funny commentary that accompanies their posts would be great.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / USD Review
« on: March 06, 2006, 09:10:18 PM »
Well today was the first USD admitted students day and I am here to lay down the verdict on the school.

USD has a very nice campus indeed, very socal with a spanish colonial revival theme and palm trees lining many of the wide walkways. The school is very long, and narrow. By that I mean the school is basically built along a very long road with buildings lining either side of the road. It is not a spread out campus. The law school itself is built in the colonial style of he other buildings. Its not that terribly impressive. The tour guide was very nice and forthcoming throughout the whole tour. The whole law building anf library (I'll get to it later) has wireless internet access. The inside of the building is best described as brown. The walls, columns and stairs are the strongest hue of poo brown you ever did see. The building is 3 stories. The bottom basement has a student lounge and suprisingly I saw many students hanging out there. The 2nd floor is the ground floor entrance and is mostly lined with offices and 2 classrooms. The 3rd floor is where the majority of classes and professor offices are. It is all a very utilitarian setup, not ugly by any means, but not spectaculor. The whole building is very clean and well maintained i might add, I saw no 'out of order' signs that plague my school. The classrooms all have that ampitheater semi circle thing with a lecturn where the professor stands at the bottom. All the classroom equipment look very 70s, but well maintained. Very worn, but still in good working order.Overall my impression was that the school is there to teach and not the architecture destination in its own right like some other schools.

The library was rather large. It seemed to be the same size as the law building. There was nothing spectacular about it.The atrium in the library was nice though, it was a nice open space in an otherwise average library. It really did remind me of my local community library and not a spectacular work of art like Southwestern's library.

Most importantly though, my tour guide seemed to know everyone who walked by him and said hi to all of them. It seems like a very collegial school and friendly atmosphere. I asked about how competitive students are, he said that everyone is rather competitive, but at the same time people are very civil and friendly.He also said the avg daily study time for 1L's was about 3-4 hours.

The mock courtroom was very nice. It was like any other ampitheater classroom, but at the bottom there was a courtroom and not a lecturn. It had 2 very nice stain glass ceilings. This was probably the nicest room that i saw.

Lastly, i recomend people show up in business casual. I was the only one in jeans in my tour group and felt a bit out of place and underdressed.

So is getting a letter earlier more indicitive of an acceptence? I called loyola la today to  ask about financial aid junk, just for kicks i asked when i should expect a decision letter thinking the secretary would give me the between now and May spiel. the front desk lady asked for my name and ssn. she put me on hold for a bit, and when she returned she said ,'2 weeks or less.' is she patronizing me? is this a good sign? or are they in a hurry to reject me? did i bring some unneccessary attention to my file? any thoughts would be nice.

Studying for the LSAT / Jerks you meet right before taking the LSAT
« on: January 15, 2006, 10:32:36 AM »
  Well, not being an academic god like the 95% of ppl here who have seemed to gotten accepted into harvard and yale, I had to take the lsat twice. the 2nd worst part about the lsat, (besides taking the lsat) were the ppl i saw there. it seems that proper ettiquete before the test involves demeaning everyone else's confidence. i distinctly remember one guy who claimed to be scoring 180 constistantly and treating a score under 178 as 'trash'. another guy said he had been doing logic games since 2nd grade and did them for FUN. the best one though had to be girl girl who said she was applying to 3 schools, harvard, yale and stanford. she made it clear she 'knew' someone. ok, it might very well be the case that she does 'know someone', but she couldnt have been more pretentious. mind you, all these ppl were ppl i have never met before, and yet i learned this about them RIGHT before the lsat. you would think thet i would have learned ot just bring an mp3 player after the 2nd time...but i'm taking the lsat twice, what can you expect.
  the best defense i had against these ppl was always smile nicely and respond, 'oh i know what you mean! but you know whats been really tripping me up the last few weeks? those NEW 3-D logic games they just introduced'. then just sit back and watch them panic for a couple minutes. i highly recomend this technique.

Choosing the Right Law School / How do I transfer to the day division?
« on: January 12, 2006, 08:22:45 PM »
I have been accepted into USD, still not my top choice, but I'm getting there i suppose. The thing is, USD accepted me into the evening division. I have no intention of working, and i detest night school, long nights at my undergrad have taught me to hate them. How do i go about transfering to the day/ fulltime division? Is it some piece of paperwork i fill out? Is it even possible? Is transfering to different divisions a common thing to do in lawschool?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Los Angeles Law schools
« on: January 08, 2006, 01:05:19 PM »
I have just been accepted to Southwestern Law school. I am pretty sure I got into pepperdine and Loyola also. Can Anyone tell me their impressions about each school? What are the campuses like and how do the social scenes compare? I applied to all these schools blind without knowing much about them accept their ranking and a couple mailers i got.

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