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Law School Admissions / A couple LSAC questions. . .
« on: October 18, 2010, 03:58:19 PM »
So I am finishing up my second year at a junior college and am trying to calculate my current LSAC gpa. Here are my questions:

1. If my college only gives A,B,C,D,F grades and no -/+ will my LSAC gpa be the same as the gpa on my transcript?

2. I have taken four courses that are not UC transferable (I'm a CA resident and plan on attending a UC), will those grades show up on the LSAC gpa?

3. I received two F's my freshman year and had them cleared through academic renewal (I was not a good student my first semester, took a full time job, then returned to school two years later and have received honors since), again, will those F's show up on my LSAC gpa?

Thanks for the help everyone!

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