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Law School Admissions / possible appeal of GPA calculations
« on: October 11, 2010, 07:25:21 PM »
I originally took the LSATs in 1973.  I've seen references to an "old" scoring system of two digits.  Well, the really old scoring system was similar to the 200-800 of the SATs.  I scored a 728, comparable to a 173 today.  Unfortunately, I was also a total fvckup and was busy torpedoing my UG record.  I failed to even graduate so my good LSAT was moot.   My stupidity and immaturity gnawed at me over the years.  I retired from civil service mgmt last summer and decided to get my degree.  I returned to my original college needing 21 credits, the last 3 of which I'm currently taking.  I've also had in the back of my head the idea that if I could duplicate my youthful score, a bottom tier law school might grant me a full scholarship.  Obviously at my age it would be foolish to make the 100k investment.  But if I could go very cheaply, it might make sense.  I have a lawyer son working in a 2 man partnership whom I could join and hopefully be somewhat useful. 

I just took the Oct LSAT and am hopeful for a mid-high 160s score.  The LGs are a big problem for me; there was no such animal in '73 and no prep industry.  you just showed up and they tested how well your brain worked.  I have my theories about why they changed to the present setup, but that's a topic for another day.  My big problem is my UG record.  I've pulled a 4.0 through my 18 credits in the last year.  That, and my college's granting of "academic amnesty", will pull my wretched record up to a 2.5 GPA.  I've been trying to talk the school into giving my some kind of split GPA, showing my overall/21st C.  But from what I've been reading here and elsewhere, none of that will matter with the LSAC.  They'll pull all those 40 yr old flunks back in, and I'll end up with a 2.0, effectively scuttling any LS plans.

So after all that, here's my question.  Is there any kind of appeal process to the LSAC that I could try?  Anyone have any other suggestions?  Thanks for plowing through this and any help you can offer.

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