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Current Law Students / Suing your law school?
« on: November 06, 2010, 05:56:21 PM »
What do you think about all these people suing their law school because they can’t get a job?  I read an article recently (I put a short section of it below), and I’m kind of disturbed for a number of reasons—first there does seem to be a real problem of too many lawyers and not enough jobs, but also because law graduates seem to be rolling over and accepting that fact without creating opportunities.  (for example, some of my friends started up their own firm doing real estate title searches and are doing well (they won’t be uber-wealthy anytime soon, but they’ve got jobs—another friend of mine found an untapped niche in Florida’s insurance defense field and is also doing well.)  My point is this—there is a problem (I can see that, just like the rest of you), but is it really the fault of the law school?  After all, we did sign up for it—and we signed our names to those promissory notes.  Tell me what you think. 

One popular medium is the "scam blog," where indebted, unemployed attorneys accuse law schools of being little better than tuition-sucking diploma mills. (Sample blog title: Shilling Me Softly.) The author of one popular, if histrionic, such blog describes his law school as a Ponzi scheme.
Others have taken, perhaps inevitably, to the courts. Kenneth Desornes, for instance, named his law school in his bankruptcy filing. He asks the school to "[a]dmit that your business knew or should have known that Plaintiff would be in no position to repay those loans."

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